Need To Insure A Teen Driver? Follow These Tips

Adding a teen driver to your car insurance policy can make your rates go up quickly; since new drivers can pose a risk to the insurance carrier, they may charge a high premium to reflect this. But there are several ways that you can lighten the load and keep your rates under control. Start Them Out Small The first thing to consider is starting your new driver out slowly with their new car responsibilities.

What Is Earth Movement Coverage And Do You Need It?

You buy home insurance so that if something happens to your home, the insurance company will pay to rebuild it. While it sounds pretty simple, did you know that your home insurance policy may not cover every mishap that could destroy your home? One of the most commonly excluded perils is earth movements. Here's what you need to know about earth movements and how to make sure you're properly insured.

Two Tips For Those Buying Auto Insurance

Car accidents are a reality that every driver must be prepared to experience, and while insurance is one of the most effective ways of protecting yourself financially, there are many people that make common errors when buying coverage. These errors can leave you under protected or overpaying for your coverage. Luckily, you can help to avoid these problems by using the following couple of tips when you are shopping for insurance.

Possible Punishments You Could Face If You Do Not Have Proof Of Insurance

If you are a new driver in Canada, or you have just relocated to Canada and have not secured car insurance, you might face some stiff penalties if you are pulled over. Additionally, if you get into an accident and do not have insurance, there are some even harsher punishments for not providing proof of insurance when the police arrive on the scene. Here are some examples of what new drivers and new-to-Canada drivers could be facing if they cannot show that they are insured.

How To Keep Rates Low On Alcohol Liability Insurance For Your Bar

If you operate a bar, it is a good idea to have alcohol liability insurance in place. In fact, some jurisdictions actually require it. From small bars to larger ones, there is always a chance that something could happen on the premises, particularly when your patrons are drinking alcohol. Someone could fall and get injured, for example, or a fight could break out. With alcohol liability insurance, you can help ensure that you are covered in these situations.