Looking For Ways To Reduce Your Insurance Premiums? A Few Ways A Broker Will Help

While most of the time, avoiding a middle man in a business transaction means saving money, when it comes to insurance that is not the case. Essentially, an insurance broker is a middle man who works for you. He or she does not represent any one specific insurance company, and can write policies with many different firms. In addition to saving you money, you will find the whole process of buying insurance is much easier and more pleasant when you deal with a broker. Here are some reasons you should go with a broker and avoid dealing with a company directly.


Insurance brokers know where to look to get the best price for your coverage. While it is true you can get quotes from all the different companies yourself, a broker will get lower quotes. The insurance companies know that if they offer better quotes to the brokers, they will get more business. The brokers know that they need to pass the savings on to you if they want to stay in business. Insurance seems to be one of the only industries where the middleman gets a good enough deal from the companies that the consumer saves money too.

Speed and Ease

Trying to read through all the fine details of the different policy quotes you get from all the different insurance companies can be time consuming and confusing. In order to be able to determine which is really the best deal for your needs, you have to be able to compare apples to apples. Unless you are extremely well informed with insurance terms and laws, you will never be sure to get the best pricing. A broker, however, can cut to the bottom line efficiently and quickly. Not only can you be sure you are getting the best price, you will have the peace of mind that everything you need covered is in the policy.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Any time you have a question or concern about your insurance coverage, you can be sure to get a quick, knowledgeable answer when talking with a broker. If you deal directly with an insurance company you will often talk only with a receptionist or call center. These people are not trained insurance specialists. The answers they give you may not be valid. To get a good, reliable answer, you will have to wait to be put through to an agent or wait for them to call you back.

Instead of spending hours, and even days, going over different insurance quotes and policies, contact a broker. Tell him or her what it is you need. You will be given a choice of options, as if you were doing the research yourself, but you will have someone who understands the industry, like Donovan Insurance Brokers Inc, there to explain it all to you. You can be sure you are getting exactly what you need at the most affordable price.