Possible Punishments You Could Face If You Do Not Have Proof Of Insurance

If you are a new driver in Canada, or you have just relocated to Canada and have not secured car insurance, you might face some stiff penalties if you are pulled over. Additionally, if you get into an accident and do not have insurance, there are some even harsher punishments for not providing proof of insurance when the police arrive on the scene. Here are some examples of what new drivers and new-to-Canada drivers could be facing if they cannot show that they are insured.

Traffic Citations

Without a doubt, you will get a traffic citation for lack of car insurance. This is universal, even if the only thing you are pulled over to the side of the road for is speeding. You will definitely get a citation if you cause an accident and do not have insurance. Even though many of the provinces are "no fault" provinces where everyone in the accident takes equal responsibility for the collision, a lack of insurance means that the financial burden falls on all of the other drivers in the accident and that is not allowed. 

Suspension of Your License

Since the Department of Transportation in some provinces only grants licenses after drivers show proof of insurance and the insurance is handled through the DOT, your license could be suspended for allowing it to lapse and/or not having insurance at all. A suspended license in any of the provinces forbids you to drive regardless of your circumstances, and it may take months to get it back. When you currently have one of the learner's or intermediate driver's permits, that also affects how and when you are allowed to take you final driving test for your advanced/adult driver license.

Complete Revocation of Your License

If you actually cause a death in a traffic accident and do not have insurance, you may lose your license completely. The police will take your license and possibly put you in jail until the tribunal decides if you should be allowed to have your license back. If you were also driving under the influence and caused someone's death, it is certain that a tribunal will decide to revoke all of your driving privileges indefinitely.

Getting Insurance Before You Cannot

Auto insurance companies look at your driving record and make a decision to insure you based on what they see in your file. If you attempt to seek car insurance in Red Deer after you get into an accident, receive a traffic citation for lack of insurance, and/or cause harm or death to someone else in a vehicle, you will have a much more difficult time securing car insurance because no one will want to insure you. Likewise for relocated workers from other countries--no clean driving record or proof of insurance will cost you more.